Summerhill Resale Properties

Antipolo City

A.  Area= 235 @ P7500/sqm, near the gate, overlooking, titled property.



       B. Area= 168 sqm cor lot @ P8,000/sqm,   2,10,32    Anth.  sold                      

          C. Area= 150 sqm. @ P6,100/sqm,             4,6,49&50  FR     sold                                

          D. Area= 165 sqm  @ P6,500/sqm,             4,6,25&26  FR     sold


          E. Area=  173 sqm  @ P6,500/sqm,             3,5,9          GR  sold

          F. Area=  243 sqm  @ P6,200/sqm              2,9,12&11  GR   sold

                          202 sqm  @ P6,200/sqm              2,9, 12&11 GR    sold

         G. Area=  150 sqm  @ P6,000/sqm              2A,1,8&18  GR    available

         H. Area=  213 sqm  @ P6,000/sqm              4,5,3           GR    sold

         I.  Area=  181 sqm  @ P6,500/sqm              2A,3,11       GR    sold


         J.  Area=  195 sqm  @ P5,800/sqm              3,4,2            LE    sold

         K. Area=  201 sqm   @P5,800/sqm               3,5,7           LE     sold

         L.  Area=  197 sqm cor lot @ P7,000/sqm    1,2,1           NO    available

         M. Area=  235 sqm @ P6,000/sqm                1,8,5          NO    available

         N. Area=  242 sqm cor lot @ P9,000/sqm     1,4,2          NO    availble

         O. Area=  167 sqm cor lot @ P7,000/sqm                       NO    sold

         P. Area=  196 sqm cor lot @ P6,500/sqm                       Car   available 


         Note:  In your query please try to remember the letters colored in yellow
                     as my reference point of their location.  

         Why choose Summerhills Executive Village?

         1. Accessible 2. Near Robinsons, Antipolo Market, iMall, Assumption School,

             CMA mall, etc.

         2. Peaceful environment

         3. 24hrs transportation.

         4. Soon to come.Very near LRT 

         Why choose "Bangin" Area?

         Your two story house and lot become 4 stories because you start your 

          construction at the very bottom of your lot which is already excavated.

         Why choose area near the creek?

         Pollution is suction by the flow of water. Best areas if you have a sickly 

         member of the family. Pollution is less.

Summerhill Resale Properties      1 Vacant Lot Acropolis Mandaluyong       

3 Vacant Lots Alta Vista, Antipolo City   House and Lot Summerhills   

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